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Good, man

Animations here are nice, and the story is maybe the cutest scary I had seen! I liked the "bloody escape" idea, mainly the 3D character spins, but I think you should work better about the ground animations in this scenes. The music choise and sounds are ok. I believe you putted enough effort in it, so my score is 9/10 and 5/5, it have ways to be better though.

manuelberja responds:

thank you dude!
3d?it's pure flash.
right,thanks,i'll release more flash movies for everyone. :)


Nice smooth animation
Nice history
Nice voice acting (even if in russian)
Nice draw
Nice job!


brysew responds:

Thanks! :-)

The back of the mute cinema?

No sounds or musics, lol, it makes this flash something that has no taste or comedy. In next, do animation with sounds, anything, good or bad quality, but sounds or background music. Another thing that this need is color, its seems a mute cinema with only black and white. Other things are OK, good animation for beginner.

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Nice little game.

Very good and fun game, with a concept kinda different, but I liked it. The graphics are pretty simple, but I would say you did a lovely work on the background. The controls, unlike the people are saying, were simple and are not well dificult to manage, but would be better if this does not hide the mouse during the gameplay. The game starts slow (still impossible to make combos), but is okay on how it gets harder in your progress, although stops later.

The music is good for the smooth gameplay.

In overall, no very much say about the game. Nice idea, but it has ways to be better and more enjoyable. 7/10, 4/5.

Bug: the difficulty in the game continues progressing in the pause menu, which means to find the game harder when you pause it for a while.

CyanSandwich responds:

I can agree with that. Though I hid the mouse during gameplay because it makes it harder to control the faces; they move away from the actual mouse position when you move the orb.
Thanks for pointing out the bug. I thought I'd fixed it.


First of all, I did not expect to play the same game as the first, even with some improvements to the battle.
To say in two words: the same.

Good things:
- The same as the first (music, medals, weapons), with a good design on the characters, story and decent leveling system.

Bad things:
- The same as the first (movements, and too easy gameplay), and unbalanced damage combo in weapons.

Ok, it is a pretty simple game, but if you want to make a pretty decent game, or maybe "the best game ever", you should look for these things: it needs much more improvements than just the leveling system and customizations (although is not worth that much customizations, without giving any tribute to the character). Again needs more diversity of skills, such as bombs, tanks, special attacks, etc. You must work more on boosters defense and skills, such as placing a considerable significance that are not as useless and just a waste of time. Blood would also be a cool idea for the animation.

In overall, without upgrades, without defense value and without much skills, it gets kinda repetitive, but still a good game with good graphics. 6/10, 3/5.

Good, but hard.

I believe your inspiration can be appreciated by everyone who played OCD+, so this game is proof of that. Almost everything was based on this, which changes is the gameplay, I believe it is not so frustrating and not works only to unlock medals.

But I have some complaints:
Why not make these codes with fewer letters and numbers? It's nice to spend more time trying to copy these codes, but does not look good to fill those little textboxes in the Core with the codes so large?!! And for me, would not differ much effort to copy it and paste to enter a code into the Core (since pressing "x" back to the menu, press this key while typing the code does the same), if only strive to find those secrets worthwhile.

The game is only hard because you has to use your head a lot to guess what you have to do: would be nice to make it more obvious? The description for the Radio game seems useless because I've tried several ways to represent this description and nothing works!

The music was good in everything.

In overall, this game has a good concept, and the binary one was great. But I think it is not enough yet, you need to add more things and secrets, and reduce the difficulty. 6/10, 3/5

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The progression was great and I liked how the sounds flow in.
But somehow I can't get the intro. For me, was so much action into it and didn't build well with the rest of the track.
The bass appeared to be "haggish" after 3:30, but I know you can fix that.
In overall, nice song, with incredible harmony.


ShootingStar responds:

Thanks! And yes, I think the intro was a bit long for what I was doing.



Amazing work as always, this song is very intensive, it got to my nerves brutally when became the build up and the drums, lol. The strings left well at the beginning, maybe I couldn't listen right in the chorus because the drums were somewhat loud, but that really isn't worth to the listener, this song is amazing, the drums let it some epicness, or maybe very much in my opinion :/

In overall, another amazing work from you, looking for more orquestral/metal epic themes :D


Gravey responds:

Thank you very much for the criticism and review. Much appreciated.


Nice try

The music itself is catchy as always, but for me the bass is very much deep and eletronic with this funky house kick.

Needs more work on the voice mix. You don't need too much vocoder and reeverb in a solid song to let a nice touch in your voice, because you can sometimes destroy it with a bad mix. Well, I am just saying that you made a good mix, but you can do better.

In overall, good first try. Hope to see more voice work from you soon.

durn responds:

:) Thanks for the critical review, Kauvin! I do agree, will be working more on powering my vocals with soul instead of vocoder on future songs. :D I added the effects cause well, I've never treated vocals before, was playing around. :d Will be more cautious in the future though! Thanks again for the solid review, Kauvin. :)

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robot day

This was completely spectacular, I thought that was a robot toy, but because of the greatness of this work, I believe that even the tankman if would yield this art. Well done.


Fantastic, the most awesome skull that I have seen up to here!


Not seems insomnia, but which poses the is something to do with fear, despair. Good work!


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